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30 Years of Who Framed Roger Rabbit by thecrazyworldofjack 30 Years of Who Framed Roger Rabbit :iconthecrazyworldofjack:thecrazyworldofjack 12 0 Happy Father's Day 2018 by thecrazyworldofjack Happy Father's Day 2018 :iconthecrazyworldofjack:thecrazyworldofjack 3 0 loverboy1017 Request by thecrazyworldofjack loverboy1017 Request :iconthecrazyworldofjack:thecrazyworldofjack 12 0 JBlaster Request by thecrazyworldofjack JBlaster Request :iconthecrazyworldofjack:thecrazyworldofjack 12 0 BIO675 Request by thecrazyworldofjack BIO675 Request :iconthecrazyworldofjack:thecrazyworldofjack 18 2 MatthewJabezNazarioA Request by thecrazyworldofjack MatthewJabezNazarioA Request :iconthecrazyworldofjack:thecrazyworldofjack 7 333 thestrangeman Request by thecrazyworldofjack thestrangeman Request :iconthecrazyworldofjack:thecrazyworldofjack 0 0 Sparrow12592 Request by thecrazyworldofjack Sparrow12592 Request :iconthecrazyworldofjack:thecrazyworldofjack 6 2 Bart-Toons Request - 3 by thecrazyworldofjack Bart-Toons Request - 3 :iconthecrazyworldofjack:thecrazyworldofjack 24 0 Bart-Toons Request - 2 by thecrazyworldofjack Bart-Toons Request - 2 :iconthecrazyworldofjack:thecrazyworldofjack 25 1 Bart-Toons Request - 1 by thecrazyworldofjack Bart-Toons Request - 1 :iconthecrazyworldofjack:thecrazyworldofjack 22 0 sa6044 Request - 7 by thecrazyworldofjack sa6044 Request - 7 :iconthecrazyworldofjack:thecrazyworldofjack 5 1 sa6044 Request - 6 by thecrazyworldofjack sa6044 Request - 6 :iconthecrazyworldofjack:thecrazyworldofjack 4 1 sa6044 Request - 5 by thecrazyworldofjack sa6044 Request - 5 :iconthecrazyworldofjack:thecrazyworldofjack 3 1 sa6044 Request - 4 by thecrazyworldofjack sa6044 Request - 4 :iconthecrazyworldofjack:thecrazyworldofjack 4 1 sa6044 Request - 3 by thecrazyworldofjack sa6044 Request - 3 :iconthecrazyworldofjack:thecrazyworldofjack 3 1


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Brian G. Johnson
Artist | Professional | Other
United States
I'm a artist who creates my own drawings my own characters and my own world. and sometimes draws real cartoon characters.



30 Years of Who Framed Roger Rabbit
June 22, 1988 Walt Disney Animation Studios and Amblin Entertainment released Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and so to celebrate the film's 30th Anniversary I made this picture of Roger Rabbit sitting in Benny the Cab and Jessica Rabbit holding a spring gun with a sign that says 30

Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit, Benny the Cab - Amblin, Disney - Robert Zemeckis, Richard Williams
Happy Father's Day 2018
This is an image to celebrate everything our Fathers have done for us over the years.

Happy Father's Day
loverboy1017 Request
Here is a Request Drawing for loverboy1017 which is The Loud House Girls having a Soap Bubble Party
Lana Loud blowing huge soap bubbles,
which is why Lori Loud's head and Leni Loud's head inside bubbles,
Luna Loud and Luan Loud inside and trapped in bubbles
and Lynn Loud and Lucy Loud sitting on bubbles.

Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, and Lana Loud - The Loud House - Nickelodeon - Chris Savino
JBlaster Request
Here is a Request Comic for JBlaser which is A continuation of my pic (YangIsCool Request )
were Lola takes revenge on Lana by giving her a full makeover (makeup, hair and dress)
and she ends up looking beautiful and feminine.

once again Lincoln and Lisa make an appearance

Lola: Uh what happened, AND WHAT AM I WEARING?

1 Clothes Change Later

Lola: What the heck did I do?

1 Read Later

after learning about what Lana had made her do, she took some of the Personality Changing Syrup and mixes it in a glass of Orange Juice with a note for Lana.

The Next Day Lana finds the glass in the fridge and drinks it.

2 Minutes Later

Lana: O M Gosh Lola, you look absolutely fabulous.

Lola: I'm glad you agree, you don't look to bad yourself.

Lincoln: Lisa you're planning on destroying that personality changing syrup right?

Lisa: Fear not older brother, I'm taking care of it once and for all.

Lincoln, Lana, Lola and Lisa Loud - The Loud House - Nickelodeon - Chris Savino
BIO675 Request
Here is a Request Comic for BIO675 of The Loud House featuring Leni and lori having a fusion accident
due to Lisa's teleporter.

Lisa: Alright, time to test the teleporter with that hat.

Leni: Hey Lisa I didn't know you were making a stage show, how do I look?

Lori: Hey, I knew you took my hat Leni, give it back.

Lisa: This ain't gonna end well.

before starring a fight over the hat they are teleported to the right teleporter.


Lori: Lisa, you better have a reverse on this thing.

Lisa: Yes there is a reverse, but that probably won't have you two separated.

Leni: (Thinking to her self) Did my fingers get bigger?

Lori, Leni and Lisa Loud - The Loud House - Nickelodeon - Chris Savino

Since I started taking requests I decided to make a phew rules about what request i'm asked to do.

8. No inflation requests, sometimes inflations make me feel uncomfortable.

7. No vore requests, I'm not a fan of vore.

6. No requests of characters passing gas, or releasing fecal matter, I think it's kind of nasty.

5. Try to keep the amount of request under a small number, the last request I got had 14 different pictures and at first I didn't mind, but then I got caught up with other stuff and the pictures didn't come in until nine weeks later, and that was kind of my fault for not thinking about the results.

4. No requests of diapered characters (unless the character is an infant).

3. No shipping requests, I personally am not a big fan of shipping.

2. If the request involves someone getting gruesomely injured or flat out killed/murdered (especially with the showing of blood and gore) then I can't accept it.

1. The request can't involve any kind of nudity what so ever.

P.S. the requests I got before making this list were because I had to much optimism and didn't think through before accepting.

I also want to thank foxlover35Jeremy-the-BlockheadMickeyMouse000024, and SonicAndTailsfan64 for giving me ideas on what to post.


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sa6044 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Artist
here's my next request: ace savvy hugging the ace savvy versions of lynn loud sr and rita in a dream witch is this:  Lynn Sr and Rita as King and Queen of Hearts by CandyRandy7D   
Greasy-LucarioYun Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student General Artist
Do you take requests now?
thecrazyworldofjack Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Artist
Yes, what is your request?
Greasy-LucarioYun Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student General Artist
How about Adult Guzguz?

YangIsCool Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Could I make a third request?
thecrazyworldofjack Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Artist
what is the next request?
YangIsCool Featured By Owner 3 days ago
A sequel to JBlaser's request where Lana gets the clothes that Lola forced her to wear all torn up and muddy.
Aliencon Featured By Owner 5 days ago
If you're not too overwhelmed with requests can you do Lucy Loud in her Madame Lucy outfit as a genie?  Maybe have her crystal ball in place of a lamp?
sa6044 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Artist
how's my request of the loud cousins, their parents, and pets doing?  :)
thecrazyworldofjack Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Artist
They're already done
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